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SAFT flexitank

Features Specifications:SAFT flexitank

SAFT flexitank, flexitanks,Composition 1. Inner layer: 4 layers of food grade Polyethylene 2. Out layer: 1 layer of strong woven PP fabric 3. 3 inch butterfly valve SAFT flexitank, flexitanks Safety Design 1. Unity Valve : Avoids leakage. 2. Handle valve: Easy to operate, avoids damage caused by overmuch force. 3. Anti-suction design: Avoids the PE film from being sucked out while discharging. SAFT flexitank, flexitanks Type 1.Top Loading &Discharging flexitank 2.Bottom Loading &Discharging flexitank 3.Top loading &Bottom Discharging flexitank SAFT flexitank, flexitanks Accessories 1.Steel Bar(2.4* 0.05*0.05*0.004m)5pcs/set 2.Corrugated Paper( L: 28m )1 roll/set 3.Cardboard( 2.3*1.5*0.02m)1 pc/set 4.[Optional] Steel frame bulkhead(2.33*0.7*0.05m)1 pair/set Assistant Items For Your Special Liquids 1.Heating pad for easy-crystalized liquids like honey, syrup, palm oil, and animal oil etc. 2.Air Release Valve: for easy-fermented liquids. SAFT flexitank Packing: Carton for flexitank&Pallet for accessories

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